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Title : Dad's Army
Premiere : 12th March 1971 Rating : G
Run Time : 95 minutes Colour : Colour
Country : UNITED KINGDOM (Great Britain) Language : English
Gene : Comedy, War,

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Member's Vote: 10.00 Stars
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The Cast

Mr Arthur Lowe - Captain George Mainwaring
Clive Dunn OBE - Lance-Corporal Jack Jones
John Le Mesurier - Sergeant Arthur Wilson
John Laurie - Private James Frazer
James Beck - Private Joe Walker
Arnold Ridley - Private Charles Godfrey
Ian Lavender - Private Frank Pike
Bill Pertwee - A.R.P. Warden Hodges
Frank Williams - Rev. Timothy Farthing - the Vicar
Edward Sinclair - Henry Yeatman - the Verger
Fred Griffiths - Bert King
Bernard Archard - Major General Fullard
Pat Coombs - Mrs. Hall
Anthony Sagar - Police Sergeant
Derek Newark - Regimental Sergeant-Major
Michael Knowles - Staff Captain
Roger Maxwell - Peppery Old Gent
Paul Dawkins - Nazi General
Sam Kydd - Nazi Orderly