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Title : Dad's Army
Premiere : 12th March 1971 Rating : G
Run Time : 95 minutes Colour : Colour
Country : UNITED KINGDOM (Great Britain) Language : English
Gene : Comedy, War,

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Member's Vote: 10.00 Stars
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The Bloopers

Apx Time Blooper Descriptions

At the road block (after the false alarm care of the Vicar's bells) Mainwaring is lining up the five shotgun cartridges - sadly they are all "spent", the small indentation in the centre of the brass base is where the firing-pin has struck the primer.

When the platoon hear the church bells, they mistake it for the invasion signal and construct a barricade across the high street. If you look behind them you can see cars parked on the road in the distance that date from well after the 1940s.

At the end of the film when Mainwaring is walking to the bank, you can see the camera lights in the window of Fraser's Funeral Parlour.

When Mr. Mainwaring, Mr. Wilson and Pike have left the radio shop and they are walking up the street, you can see the crew in the reflection of the shop windows.

When Arthur Lowe, John Le Mesurier and Clive Dunn are walking across the street at the beginning of the movie, you can see the "Cats Eyes" in the centre of the road between each white line. These were not invented during World War 2. ["Cats Eyes" were invented in 1933 by Percy Shaw. In 1935, he opened a factory to manufacture them and a year later, the first 50 were laid in Bradford. They became popular throughout Britain in World War II.

When Sargent Wilson calls for 5 rounds rapid fire from the van, towards enemy on the left, the soldiers deliver three "rounds", then when called upon to deliver 5 to the sky above, they deliver four.