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Title : Metropolis
Premiere : 13th March 1927 Rating : PG
Run Time : 153 minutes Colour : Black and White
Country : United States Language : English
Gene : Science Fiction,

Member's Rating
Member's Vote: 10.00 Stars
Voted 17% of members have voted for this movie.

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The Cast

Alfred Abel - Joh Fredersen
Heinrich Gotho - Master of Ceremonies (Uncredited)
Dolly Grey - Working Woman (Uncredited)
Georg John - Working Man Who Causes Explosion of M-Machine (Uncredited)
Walter Kuehle - Working Man (Uncredited)
Margarete Lanner - Lady in Car (Uncredited)
Margarete Lanner - Woman of Eternal Gardens (Uncredited)
Rose Lichtenstein - Working Woman (Uncredited)
Hanns Leo Reich - Marinus (Uncredited)
Arthur Reinhardt - Working Man (Uncredited)
Curt Siodmak - Working Man (Uncredited)
Henrietta Siodmak - Working Woman (Uncredited)
Olaf Storm - Jan (Uncredited)
Erwin Vater - Working Man (Uncredited)
Rolf von Goth - Son in Eternal Gardens (Uncredited)
Helen von M√ľnchofen - Woman of Eternal Gardens (Uncredited)
Helene Weigel - Working Woman (Uncredited)
Beatrice Garga - Woman of Eternal Gardens (Uncredited)
Ellen Frey - Working Woman (Uncredited)
Gustav Fröhlich - Freder, Joh Fredersen's Son
Rudolf Klein-Rogge - C. A. Rotwand, the Inventor
Fritz Rasp - The Thin Man
Theodor Loos - Josaphat
Erwin Biswanger - 11811 - Georgy
Heinrich George - Grot, the guardian of the Heart Machine
Brigitte Helm - The Creative Man
Brigitte Helm - The Machine Man
Brigitte Helm - Death
Brigitte Helm - The Seven Deadly Sins
Brigitte Helm - Maria
Gisele Eve Schittenhelm -
Fritz Alberti - Creative Human - Man who Convinces Babel (Uncredited)
Grete Berger - Working Woman (Uncredited)
Olly Boeheim - Working Woman (Uncredited)
Max Dietze - Working Man (Uncredited)
Hilde Woitscheff - Woman of Eternal Gardens (Uncredited)