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Title : Bless This House
Premiere : 1972 Rating : PG
Run Time : 87 minutes Colour : Colour
Country : UNITED KINGDOM (Great Britain) Language : English
Gene : Comedy,

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Member's Vote: 10.00 Stars
Voted 4% of members have voted for this movie.

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The Bloopers

Apx Time Blooper Descriptions

Audio / Visual Unsynchronised:

During the scene where Mike is reversing his car out of the way of the furniture van Ron Baines is heard to say, "It might help if you steered straight," but his mouth isn't moving


Mike tells Kate that he lives at 84 Whitby Ave, yet in a scene where Sid leaves the house to go to work the number plate on the front of the house to the right of the frontdoor shows a number '7'.


Sid hands Trevor a shovel to help him mix concrete for his shed. A cutaway shot of the mixing shows Sid's legs and his arms holding the shovel and mixing the concrete.


The record player Annie hands to Sid is the same one Jean brings in from the jumble sale.