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Top 5 Movies Rated by Members

Dad's Army
10.00 Stars
12th March 1971

Raiders of the Lost Ark
10.00 Stars
12th June 1981

10.00 Stars
13th March 1927
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Night Train to Munich
10.00 Stars
29th December 1940

Worst 5 Movies Rated by Members

American Pie 2
1.00 Stars
10th August 2001

Samaritan Zatoichi
1.00 Stars
28th December 1968

Maid in Sweden
1.00 Stars
11th October 1974

Jackass: The Movie
1.00 Stars
25th October 2002

The Beast of Yucca Flats
1.00 Stars
2nd May 1961

Top 5 People Rated by Members

Arnold Ridley
10.00 Stars
7th January 1896

Peter Cushing
10.00 Stars
26th May 1913

Mr Arthur Lowe
9.83 Stars
22nd September 1915

Clive Dunn OBE
9.80 Stars
9th January 1920

John Le Mesurier
9.75 Stars
5th April 1912

Bottom 5 People Rated by Members

Jim Carrey
1.00 Stars
17th January 1962

Adam Sandler
1.00 Stars
9th September 1966

Justin Bieber
1.17 Stars
1st March 1994

Jeremy Clarkson
1.50 Stars
11th April 1960

Alec Baldwin
1.50 Stars
3rd April 1958

Movie Quote

Nothing But Trouble (6th December 1944)
Mrs. Elvira Hawkley: I thought a little spot of this might refresh you before taking up your new duties. It's Chateauneuf 1924.
Stan: Gee, that's pretty old. Haven't you got anything new?

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